The Tower of babel

Everything was going great. Everyone in the whole world spoke the same language. Some of the people ended up living in a place called Babylonia. Then King Nimrod decided he wanted to be famous. He wanted everyone to know him and

how great he was. He convinced the people that lived in Babylonia that, they too could be great if they built a tower that went all the way to heaven.

So the people went to work making bricks for the Tower of Babel. It was hard work but the people wanted everyone to know that they made

the tower that reached heaven, so they just worked that much harder. The people also convinced themselves that by building the tower

that would stay united. Since they already spoke the same language, now they would be building the tower together. Their pride had

taken over and all they were thinking about was that they'd be known in all the world for building the biggest and best tower ever.

God could see what was happening all along, but decided to come down to earth and see the tower the people were building.

God could tell the people's hearts were more focused on themselves and the tower than on him. He was very disappointed and angry with them.

God said, "I see that the people think they can do anything because they all speak the same language. They have already begun to turn away from me and soon there won't be anything good left, all they'll do is sin. I will mix up their language so they won't understand each other, this way they won't be able to work together to sin against me."

After God said this the people could no longer understand each other. It seemed like they were babbling and making funny noises. All the people suddenly spoke different languages, some spoke French, some Spanish, others Chinese, plus many other languages. They were very confused.

This was the beginning of the languages. At that time everyone

stop working because they Could't understand each other languages